Sunday, 23 July 2017

Zeal for Your house:

Welcome to the new blog, Zeal for Your house by Richard and Melanie Symes.

Richard and Melanie are two Australian Christians who have a heart for discipleship and a zeal for serving the saints which is what they believe Jesus has called them to do.

While Richard and Melanie are committed to serving locally, and firmly believe in and support their local home church in Victoria, Australia, they also feel called and equipped to serve the wider body online. They understand the power of connecting online with others, and the importance of providing digital resources to encourage and build up the worldwide church for free

Melanie and Richard feel they have received so much from The Lord they want to serve Him with Zeal for Your house freely.

The aim of this blog is to provide, sound, biblically based devotional posts for personal and group meditation and study. Published posts will be themed and often done as part of a larger series. The authors give permission for readers to use these posts personally or in small groups as long as they do the right thing and acknowledge the source as, ‘Zeal for Your house’ blog by Richard and Melanie Symes and don’t replicate or alter their work to pass it off as their own. All images on the blog are also owned by Zeal for Your house blog and the Symes ask others to respect this.

A bit about your hosts and the blog:
Both Richard and Melanie have a zeal for Jesus, His Word in the Bible and for His people and they know it’s only because of their relationship with Him that this passion lives within them.

Richard works in the mining industry as a metallurgist. He loves science and sees it as a means of revealing God’s glory through all it uncovers. 

Melanie has been a dance and singing teacher as well as a children’s pastor and school chaplain. She holds an ACT degree in theology but believes her first ministry is always her family. Melanie has written online since 2013 and is the author of Life of an ordinary Aussie woman. 

Richard and Melanie have 3 teenage boys and like to joke that when they met ‘chemistry happened’! Together they seek to encourage fellow believers but also reach out to those who are seeking answers and hope that this blog is a means to do so!

Zeal is passion, commitment , love, fervour, fire, avidity, fondness, devotion, devotedness, enthusiasm, eagerness, keenness, appetite, taste, relish, gusto; vigour, energy, verve, zest…It makes people passionately pursue something.

Jesus was said to have a zeal for God’s house when in the temple before Passover He cleared the courts for He had a passion for God’s house to not be a marketplace but a place of prayer and worship. Yet Jesus also knew the time was coming when the temple would no longer be necessary as through Him, after His death and resurrection, all peoples could become children of God and temples with the blessed Holy Spirit living within them.

Richard and Melanie have a zeal for believers, who are the new house, to connect closely to Jesus in prayer, worship and study, so they can receive spiritual enrichment through Him and His Word, so they may journey faithfully while in anticipation of His return. They understand resources are needed for this, as once a week church services are not enough, and oftentimes believers or seekers have a question they would like answered and then search online.

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To conclude, why not take some time now to read or re-read the story of Jesus in the temple before Passover. Have a read and then consider these questions:

To read click here, John 2:13-23.

Q1. What do you think Jesus’ passion and zeal in the temple reveals to us about God’s heart for His children?

Q2. Ask yourself. Do I have a personal zeal that matches Jesus’ for my own spiritual well-being?

If you ever need to correspond with us, please feel free to email us at: 

Have a great day and God bless!

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