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Spiritual Food 2

Spiritual Food 2:
Taste & See. 

‘Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. Fear the LORD, you his saints, for those who fear him lack nothing. The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.’ Psalm 34:8-10 

In part one of Spiritual Food 'Becoming what we eat', we referred to our senses of sight, smell and taste that can help us discern whether or not food is good or bad. It’s true that we can be fooled by junk food that is designed to satisfy our senses, but even so, later we usually get warnings from our bodies because over indulgence can cause many health problems! These days in the west, there is more than enough information available to help us make healthy choices when it comes to our diet. Nevertheless, sometimes people ignore these warnings and still make bad choices.

There are many examples in the Bible that use physical food to teach about our need for spiritual food. Scripture also provides many warnings about the consequences of straying away from our one true source of nourishment, God.

The verses from Psalm 34 shown above, speak of God’s provision for those who look to Him. Verse 8 even offers almost a challenge to those who might be uncertain about God’s goodness and willingness to provide. It says, “Taste and see that the LORD is good.”  

In other words, if you want to know if God is good, make the effort to find out. This certainty of God’s character and faithfulness to do as He promises, with the challenge to come to Him to taste of His goodness is also supported in Malachi, especially 3:10-12 when The Lord addressed the unfaithful priests who brought to His alter, sickly animals, or blemished produced as an offering for atonement:
‘Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house, and test Me now in this,” says the Lord of hosts, “if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you a blessing until it overflows. Then I will rebuke the devourer for you, so that it will not destroy the fruits of the ground; nor will your vine in the field cast its grapes,” says the Lord of hosts. “All the nations will call you blessed, for you shall be a delightful land,” says the Lord of hosts.’ Mal 3:10-12.

Does not this ring true of the old saying, “The proof is in the pudding.”? You’ll never know if it’s good or not, until you try it. So then, how do we find out if God is good? By letting Him into our lives… But this means our whole life, every single part…Not just the sections of our lives that we choose to allow Him access to. The ultimate sacrifice has been made, the life of Jesus Christ to purchase our soul from eternal death, what more can we offer in return for such love, but our whole self?

We have to put our whole self on His altar to experience His richest blessings…

If you’re a Christian then you have already taken the step of asking for Jesus’ forgiveness and of accepting God into your life by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.  This is God’s way of helping us get to know Him, but that is not the end of the story, it’s just the beginning!

Jesus does not save people to simply take them to heaven. He saves them to TRANSFORM their lives into ones full of His love and passion for others! Lives that are full of His richest blessing, of being called His child and all that entails like, joy, peace, love and at times even persecution for bearing His Name. Christianity is exciting and life changing because the risen Christ is alive and dwelling within those who have come to Him to taste and see that He is Good!

Yes, in Christianity there is always an ongoing process of letting God work in our lives, so that we may become more and more like Jesus, this is what we call in Church language, Sanctification. You see, God’s plan in sending Jesus was not simply to save us from our sins but also to bring healing and wholeness, so that He can then use us to help other people receive the same life-changing gift – This IS His will for us – But in order to do so we must become healthy by changing our whole diet!

Our Spiritual food must be not from the world, but from the lips of Jesus Christ Himself. Teachers gifted by God are wonderful but they do not replace the personal, devotional time one spends with God, prayerfully in His Word! We must come daily to Jesus, prayerfully to feast upon His Word for true godly wisdom that is applicable each and every moment of our lives.

Peter warns in his first letter for us to be no longer ruled by our fleshly desires which cause us to not feast upon the True Word, rather what the world offers. To be serious and discipline ourselves for the sake of our prayers. (1 Peter 4: 1-7).

Paul in Romans urges the same, 
“I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” Rom 12:1-2.

But are we willing to lay our whole life down on His altar, and daily come to Him to taste and see that He is Good, and all good things are found in Christ alone? 

Are we willing to give up worldly food, for a complete holistic transformation that is possible only through Jesus Christ, when worldly ‘junk food’ or aka ‘pop psychology’ or aka ‘culturally relevant non-offensive philosophy’ is so much quicker, easier, tempting, and popular?

Study Time~

Further reading, Book of Malachi.
This book is only a short read of four chapters. We've included the whole book as a reading, as we feel it puts the quoted passage into better context. Be warned, it is a challenging read when we look at it for personal reflection. Yet while it has a strong warning, this book begins with the statement of God's love for 'Jacob' the tribe (which is why He urges them to be faithful), and finishes with His promise of Jesus coming to turn around the hearts of all people - Those who choose to come and taste of Him. God has kept this promise as Jesus has come and is waiting for all. And those of us who have can rest in this blessed assurance!

After reading, take some time now to consider the following questions.

Q1. Have you committed your whole self to Jesus Christ, letting Him be your daily spiritual food?

Q2. Are you feasting daily and mostly on scripture, or more so on popular psychology and worldly offerings?

Q3. What does it mean for you personally, to lay yourself upon His alter?

Q4. What screening measures do you have in place personally to keep yourself untainted by the world?

If you missed the first post in this series, Spiritual Food 1: 'Becoming what we eat!' click here. And if you have any queries you can reach Richard & Melanie at
Have a great week, Richard & Melanie Symes.

Let us leave you with a song for reflection. It was written by Melanie Symes and her good friend Solomon George in 2016, and is called 'Come, Taste and See'. This video was taken when they performed it at Craigmore Christian Church in Adelaide, as a communion reflection.

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